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The Samchem Group is committed to improve in safety, health and environment and also public perception of the chemical industry as a whole.


Samchem Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary company of the Samchem Group is a member of the Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia (CICM) and is a signatory to Responsible Care (an initiative of the chemical industry and adopted by chemical companies to improve continuously safety, health and environmental performance of their operations and products in manner responsible to the concerns of the public). The company has Emergency Preparedness and Response to prepare people, equipment and develop procedures to minimise impact of an emergency, to prevent and mitigate environmental impacts caused during accidents or emergency situations.


The CICM receives support from international chemical industry associations which generously shared their experiences and reports of their respective Responsible Care programmes. CICM is also a member of the Responsible Care Leadership Group of the International Council of Chemical Association (RCLG, ICCA); the governing body for Responsible Care implementation worldwide and also the Asia Pacific Responsible Care Organization (APRO).