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*I/*We :
of :

being a member/members of Samchem Holdings Berhad, hereby appoint:

Name of proxy :
Address :
No. of shares Represented :
Name of proxy :
Address :
No. of shares Represented :

or, *the Chairman of the Meeting as *my/*our proxy to vote for *me/*us on *my/*our behalf at the Fifteenth Annual General Meeting of the Company to be held at Level 3, Lot 6, Jalan Sungai Kayu Ara 32/39, Seksyen 32, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan on Friday, 27 May 2022 at 10.30 a.m. and at any adjournment thereof.

*My/*Our Proxy(ies) is/are to vote as indicated below:

1. To approve the payment of Directors fees amounting to RM312,000 and benefits of RM8,000 for the financial year ended 31 December 2021.
2. To approve the payment of Directors’ fees amounting to RM450,000 and benefits of up to RM50,000 from 1 January 2022 until the next Annual General Meeting.
3. To re-elect Chooi Chok Khooi as Director.
4. To re-elect Lok Kai Chun as Director.
5. To re-elect Cheong Chee Yun as Director.
6. To re-elect Hor Wai Kong as Director.
7. To re-appoint Messrs. Baker Tilly Monteiro Heng PLT as Auditors of the Company and to authorise the Directors to determine their remuneration.
8. Special Business – Authority to Issue Shares Pursuant to Section 75 and 76 of the Companies Act, 2016.
9. Special Business – Authority to retention Dato’ Theng Book as Independent Non-Executive Director.
10. Special Business – Authority to continuing in office as Independent Non-Executive Director – Mr Cheong Chee Yun.
11. Special Business – Proposed renewal of authority for purchase of own shares by the Company.
12. Special Business – Proposed Renewal of Shareholders’ Mandate for Recurrent Related Party Transactions of a Revenue or Trading Nature.

(Please indicate with a "blue circle" in the appropriate space above how you wish your votes to be cast. If you do not do so, the Proxy will vote or abstain from voting at his discretion.)

Dated this day of 2022

Signature/Seal of Shareholders

(*Ignore if not applicable)

CDS Account No.


(a) A member entitled to attend and vote at the annual general meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy or proxies (or being a corporate member, a corporate representative) to attend and vote in his stead. A proxy may but need not be a member of the Company. There shall be no restriction as to the qualification of the proxy.
(b) Subject to (e) below, where a member appoint two (2) or more proxies, the appointments shall be invalid unless he specifies the proportion of his shareholding to be represented by each proxy.
(c) The instrument appointing a proxy in the case of an individual shall be signed by the appointer or his attorney or in the case of a corporation executed under its common seal signed on behalf of the corporation by its attorney or by an officer duly authorised.
(d) Duly completed form of proxy should be deposited with the Company’s Registered Office at Lot 6, Jalan Sungai Kayu Ara 32/39, Seksyen 32, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan not less than forty-eight (48) hours before the time appointed for the holding of the Meeting or adjourned Meeting (or in the case of a poll before the time appointed for the taking of the poll).
(e) Where a member of the Company is an exempt authorised nominee which holds ordinary shares in the Company for multiple beneficial owners in one securities account (“omnibus account”) as defined under the Securities Industry (Central Depositories) Act, 1991, there is no limit to the number of proxies which the exempt authorised nominee may appoint in respect of each omnibus account it holds.
(f) Only a depositor whose name appears on the Record of Depositors as at 20 May 2022 shall be entitled to attend the said meeting and to appoint a proxy or proxies to attend, speak and/or vote on his/her behalf.
(g) Pursuant to Clause 62 of the Constitution of the Company, all resolutions set out in this Notice will be put to vote by way of poll.


By submitting an instrument appointing a proxy(ies) and/or representative(s) to attend, speak and vote at the Company’s AGM and/or any adjournment thereof, a member of the Company:
(i) consents to the collection, use and disclosure of the member’s personal data by the Company (or its agents) for the purpose of the processing and administration by the Company (or its agents) of proxies and representatives appointed for the AGM (including any adjournment thereof) and the preparation and compilation of the attendance lists, minutes and other documents relating to the AGM (including any adjournment thereof), and in order for the Company (or its agents) to comply with any applicable laws, listing rules, regulations and/or guidelines (collectively, the “Purposes”).
(ii) warrants that where the member discloses the personal data of the member’s proxy(ies) and/or representative(s) to the Company (or its agents), the member has obtained the prior consent of such proxy(ies) and/or representative(s) for the collection, use and disclosure by the Company (or its agents) of the personal data of such proxy(ies) and/or representative(s) for the Purposes; and
(iii) agrees that the member will indemnify the Company in respect of any penalties, liabilities, claims, demands, losses and damages as a result of the member’s breach of warranty.